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Everything you need to know

Meta Ads

Your step by step guide to getting set up

1. Getting started

Onboarding call

Information gathering

  • Identify your best target audience

  • Identify the primary pain point

  • Your USP and offering

  • Case studies

What you will need to have set up:

We need access and with admin permission to:

  • Meta (Facebook) Ads manager (Instructions)

  • Meta (Facebook) page

  • Instagram

  • Pixel Access

If we are designing and developing you're landing page for your campaign we need:

Once we have collated this information we complete the here:

Strategy and implementation

2. We get to work

We will run campaigns, that will be one or more, of the following types:

  • Leads campaign - collect leads for your brand

  • Traffic campaign - send people to a destination such as your website, app, or Facebook event

  • Sales campaign - find people who are likely to purchase your product or service

  • Engagement campaign - get more page likes, event responses or post engagement

  • Awareness - show your ads to people who are most likely to remember them

  • App promotion - find new people to install your app and continue using it

We will select the best target audience from:

  • Custom Audiences

  • Location

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Language

  • Detailed Targeting

  • Placement

We will get to work on creatives & ad Copy:

  • Creatives - please provide any imagery, videos, which could be used for advertising from your side.

  • Ad Copy - we will tailor the ad copy to align with the creatives and make sure we mention all of the points which could engage most with the audience to increase their interest in submitting a form

3. Going Live

3. Sign off and Launch

  1. You will receive a document in an email containing all information, asking for edits and sign off

  2. Once signed off we will launch

  3. Weekly optimisation will be done for you

  4. We will be requesting feedback - a crucial part of the optimisation process


Full visibility
Working to get things done


4 days


10 days

Launch & Optimisation

04. Please choose your preference

Payment options

You're in control
By clicking the link you will simply be authorizing Success with Systems to bill you the agree amount for your campaign monthly
05. Serious about service


Full visibility and transparency
> You will be given access to our own CRM where all leads and stats are recorded here
> You will be invited by email
> Project management is done on where you can track your project progress

> You will be invited by email.

? FAQs

Is Social Media Paid Advertising right for me?

  • If you have the budget, and we say you should account for at least £1000 budget, and your audience is found on Social media, then yes. Social media often is a great route to market, with fantastic audience settings to be able to focus on a very accurate target market.

How many platforms are included in the price?

  • For a managed or Hybrid package the pricing is per platform.

    However, Meta includes Instagram and Facebook as its one platform for both.

What are the call to actions I can choose?

  • You can choose to generate, leads, appointments, calls or sales, its about chosing what will convert highest for your business to get a ROI.

  • You have 2 options on where to drive traffic: A form on the social platform or to your website.

  • There are pro's and con's to both and we can test out both options.

  • If you are driving traffic to your website, your landing page will need to be optimised.

What platforms do you manage?

  • We manage all of the Social Media platforms. You name it we do it. We will offer you advice about which ones to include as part of your strategy that are most relevant for your business.

Do you create all the content?

  • We will make the creatives for your Ads and write the content. We do not create video content.

  • We will use images supplied by the client or stock images.

How many campaigns are included?

  • We will set up ad creatives, content, and target audience for 1 product or service you are looking to target.

  • The price includes one per month, you may decide in the future you want to target another product or service and stop the current. The price in this instance would remain the same.

  • If you wanted to have 2 products and services to target at the same time, the service fee would be x2.

  • When targeting a product or service we will set up multiple campaigns for that product or service with different creatives and target audiences. These are all included as standard, as it is all part of the same product or service.

Do you create a landing page?

  • We can create a landing page for you as an additional service or it maybe provided to you as part of your package depending on what is agreed at the time of sale.

  • It is imperative you have a well designed landing page to convert traffic to leads or your cost per acquisition will be far higher.

  • We will only work on CMS websites, not on any custom built websites.

What's the difference between Managed and Hybrid?

  • A managed campaign is where we do all of the work, from competitor research, strategy, ad creatives, content and optimisation. It is full managed 360 degree.

  • A Hybrid is where we upskill your team internally to do what we would do. We will do this across 6 workshops. In these 6 workshops we will build your first campaign, the ad creatives, targeting, content and by the end of the 6 workshops you will have your first live campaign.

  • A Hybrid is a good option if there is capacity in the team and a want to manage it yourself. If capacity is lower we suggest a managed campaign.

What are my payment options?

  • Direct debit with GoCardless

  • Card payment with Stripe

  • On request you can pay by bank transfer at a fee of £50 + vat

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