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Everything you need to know

Search Ads

Your step by step guide to getting set up

1. Getting started

Onboarding call

Information gathering

  • Identify your best target audience

  • Identify the primary pain point

  • Your USP and offering

  • Case studies

What you will need to have set up:

We need access and with admin permission to:

If we are designing and developing you're landing page for your campaign we need:

Once you have collated this information, please go ahead and provide it here:

Strategy and implementation

2. We get to work

We will run campaigns, that will be one or more, of the following types:

  • Search

  • Display

  • Video

  • Shopping

  • Performance Max

  • App

  • Discovery

  • Local

  • Smart

  • Local Services Ads

We will get to work on creatives & ad Copy:

  • Creatives - please provide any imagery, videos, which could be used for advertising from your side.

  • Ad Copy - we will tailor the ad copy to align with the creatives and make sure we mention all of the points which could engage most with the audience to increase their interest in submitting a form

3. Going Live

3. Sign off and Launch

  1. You will receive a document in an email containing all information, asking for edits and sign off

  2. Once signed off we will launch

  3. Weekly optimisation will be done for you

  4. We will be requesting feedback - a crucial part of the optimisation process


Full visibility
Working to get things done


4 days


10 days

Launch & Optimisation

04. Please choose your preference

Payment options

You're in control
By clicking the link you will simply be authorizing Success with Systems to bill you the agree amount for your campaign monthly
05. Serious about service


Full visibility and transparency
> You will be given access to our own CRM where all leads and stats are recorded here
> You will be invited by email
> Project management is done on where you can track your project progress

> You will be invited by email.

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