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The Team

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Alastair Mackenzie

CEO and Founder

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A team of industry experts in their field with a combined experience of over 25 years.


Gergana Dramova

Head of Operations

Elena Chardaklieva

Account Manager


Olaitan Ajao

Account Manager


Head of Data

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We're an international team covering Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Hugh Furness

Head of Franchising & Investments


When starting out there was a single vision. Create a company that is fun to work out, promotes a positive culture that teaches and inspires and help people to thrive. The hypothesis is that people who enjoy working will work better, faster, more creatively and privde a better customer experience. I would like to confirm our customers would agree with this. 

Work with clients is no different. We work with positive intent in mind. Serving businesses in the most valuable way possible in what ever way makes the most sense for the company or individual. We will teach companies that have less budget, to do it themselves and nurture them through the process helping them achieve all the steps along the way with 1-2-1 support. We provide managed campaigns for those that have less capacity and take into account every finer detail to ensure a successful campaign. We provide all-in-one options incorporating multiple communication channels into a singular marketing strategy and we also just provide singular services. 

The ethos behind this way of working is making things flexible, easy and make sense for everyone. You will see on our website there are a number of articles that talk about what might be your best options for your business, we talk about software you can use and describe in detail the different pricing options. We don't hide anything, not our pricing, our products, or our methods.

We consider total transparency at the heart of our ethics and customer service. This company was not built as just a profiteering organisation but as a company that is fun to work at, fun work with and take the smaller details seriously that deliver results

"Luck is simply a matter of attention to every detail!"

Hard Rock Cafe CEO

Linkedin Strategy Social Media Marketing Email Marketing     Campaign Management   Social Media PPC

Go-to-market Strategy  Web design Expert Wix Developer Sales CRM Developer

Sales Automation Expert Script Writing   Sales Training   PPC

Sales Strategy   Sales Management

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