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Event sales is where we shine

we've supported over 

£1.2 million

in ticket sales 

How we set up a events marketing

Social & Search PPC

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Some recent work

Family pop up theme park

9k tickets sold in 12 months

Untitled design (14).png

Family pop up Christmas show

2k in sales in 1 month

Untitled design (15).png

How Events should be marketed


How not to do it

We've heard the horror stories, all too often. We know to make an event successful the amount of work that is involved in the planning, and execution of perfectly timed activies.

Marketing the event can be equally stressful to ensure you have the right return on investment.

It makes it ever more nerve-racking if all your tickets are sold just 7 days before the event begins!


We start by building or working with a subscriber list you ahve already months in advance. 

Making sure ticket sales start happening as much as a year before the event.

Retargeting Ads

We retarget these subscribers across search and social. Defining target persona to expand your reach with multiple creatives.

We optimize the ads to drive more budget into the top-performing ad sets and audiences.

Social media marekting

Whilst building your social media presence with continuous content, video's, images and engagements.

Building brand awareness and confidence. 


We also have access to an influencer network who don't get paid to go to an event but decide to share it based on actually attending. This can drive thousands of new sales to boost ticket sales even further.

Make your event a
success this year

Here's what people are saying

"Good find with Gergana, what a super bright and intelligent team member you have there, she understood it all very quickly."



"After our call with the accounts team I feel so confident in what you guys can do. Thank you."



"Great thanks, things are going well. Getting bookings for the workshop which is the main thing :) Alastair is really insightful, is really easy to work with, and a delight to speak to."



One time fee

  • Website development - beautiful designs and captivating content

  • Ticketing system  - integrated and ready to go

  • Social Media - set up and branding

  • ​Ad sets - creating your ads sets across social and search

  • Newsletter  - set up and content writing



Most popular


  • Social media marketing is a key element to building brand confidence for your event

  • Content strategy - we are experts in writing content. We will write 4 - 7 messages/emails 

  • Data research - we will research audience sets, create ad creatives and keywords

  • Optimization - we will optimise the strategy to get the highest possible response rate




Engage - with subscribers for short term, and long term purchases across social and email
Influencers - using our influencer network we have seen this boost sales by literally 1000's
SMS marketing - who doesn't read messages? We can use SMS, where appropriate, to market your event
Partners- ensuring you get the right partners for your company


What happens next

1. Interview 


2. Screening 


3. Paperwork 


4. Investors reach out 


5. Pitches to investors


6. Negotiation 


7. Funds

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