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Piggy Bank

All-inclusive service from start, to success.

Get World Leading Advice with a
Non Exec Advisor 

Whatever your goals, we can help you with expert advice with our Non Exec Advisory Service. Providing you insight from world-leading directors across the globe.

Strategy planning and execution.

Leadership Strategies.

Acquisitions and investment.

Sales and marketing strategy.

What can we support you with ?

  • Strategy - what is it you are trying to achieve? Based on your goals, we will formulate a strategy to achieve this. This could be a go to market strategy and execution, recruitment training and internal leadership, international expansion, or channel growth, and partner management etc. 


  • Investment - experienced from seed to series C investments. We help build and execute target operating models, pitch decks and reach out to investors.


  • Growth - whether through internal growth, franchising, channel partners, or international development.


  • Go to market - launching a new product or service, or looking to improve your current go-to-market strategy.


  • Leadership strategies - develop the most appropriate leadership strategy to fit your company culture and company goals.

Whats possible?

  • Business plan - well written with thorough research

  • Financial forecast  - detailing all potential costs and expected earnings

  • Target Operating Model - detailed growth model from researched proven statistics

  • Proof of concept - if you are a start up this needs to be based on research, or it will need to be based on actuals

  • ​Pitch Deck - collating all of the information into bite -size amounts to present to investors

  • Taster info deck - a snapshot of the key areas

  • Systems - without the right process, SOPs, and software systems in place the value of your business diminishes, and its hard to demonstrate any proof of concept

  • Experience - investors will want to know the people they invest in, know what they are doing


Who its designed for?

  • Start ups, if you are looking for funding for your company and you are new.

  • Pre-seed, you business has grown and you have a model that demonstrates growth and scaleability.

  • Series A, B or C you've gained momentum and profits are demonstrated into a model that can be scaled with the right investment.

  • Unicorn time to skyrocket

How does it work?

Before starting we will first need to learn more about what you do and whether this is something we believe we can help you with by assessing a series of criteria.

After you the initial discovery call, we will have an idea of what you need and connect you with the best advisor on our team.

Investor pitches

On replies

Wait 3 days

Get your first appointment

in the next 30 days!

​​Everything you need from an Non Exec Advisor, to start getting you results in less than 30 days!


Here's what people are saying

"Good find with Gergana, what a super bright and intelligent team member you have there, she understood it all very quickly."



"After our call with the accounts team I feel so confident in what you guys can do. Thank you."



"Great thanks, things are going well. Getting bookings for the workshop which is the main thing :) Alastair is really insightful, is really easy to work with, and a delight to speak to."


  • How long does it take to manage?
    There are two options when you join: Part managed or Self managed. Self-managed this will be your full-time role, you will work to build a client base that brings you an exponential income. You can also learn how to perform some of the marketing work yourself, earning you more money. This of course means you will spend more time in the service delivery. This is completely optional and not necessary. Part managed - You can recruit people, to take over some of the work, to then have more of a back seat business. With this, you can work any hours and will probably take anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour a day once everyone is trained and up and running. Either way, you will get what you put in, so if you are more ambitious and want to grow the business further we will teach you methodologies that you can follow to get you more leads and grow your business further. Depending on your budget you can do this yourself, or recruit people to do it for you, and we offer all the training for you and people in your team. So whether you want a part managed business and do this as a side income, which you can do in your spare time, or as a full-time business, and grow the company to something where you can meet financial goals, this can be done in a way to work for you and your goals.
  • Can I do it part time?
    Yes you can. We can see that when people join there are three levels of time dedication: Tier 1: This is doing the bare minimum of 30 minutes - 1 hour per day Tier 2: This is putting in 1 - 3 hours per day Tier 3: 6 - 8 hours per day Tier 1 could typically achieve 1 - 4 sales per month. Depending on what you sell* approximately £200 - £800 monthly (reoccurring*) income. Tier 2 could typically achieve 2 - 6 sales per month. Depending on what you sell* approximately £400 - £1600 monthly (reoccurring*) income. Tier 3 could typically achieve 4 - 8 sales per month. Depending on what you sell* approximately £1200 - £3600 monthly (reoccurring*) income. The main thing is that every month you build reoccurring income, over time it grows and grows exponentially. So every month potentially you can add that same figure £3600 month 1+ £3600 month 2 = £7200 + £3600 month 3 = £10,800 etc. *Sales vary in price and so the total income earned will depend totally on what is sold, whether it is reocurring, or fixed, and how long the customer stays with us.
  • What do I have to do as a partner?
    When you join as a partner you have two options, you can choose to run your partner program full time, or have it part managed. Full-time If you are looking to run this opportunity full time, you can. The benefit is that you will benefit from higher earnings per customer and you'll be more in control of the outcomes. If deciding to do this full time then here is a list of activities you will be doing on a day to day basis: Run lead generation campaigns Following up on inbound inquiries Researching opportunities using a methodology we give you Adding those inquiries to the CRM and putting them into the right campaign. Attending zoom meetings and sending proposals Closing and invoicing Account management There is a step-by-step training model on how to do all of the above and there is support throughout t the entire process. You can ask as many questions as you like and you will be given everything you need in a systematic methodology that is easy to follow and replicate. Part-managed The part-managed option enables you to be able to continue working in a full-time role, or running your current business and outsource the sales to a dedicated sales agent. With this, you will still have some role to play in the sales process but it is far less time-consuming and can be any time of day. When you come on board you will set up with your own digital marketing campaign, this will drive leads directly into your inbox, and to those of any sales agents you recruit. You will need to reply from your phone/computer to these leads to get a time and day to speak with them. Soon as you have this, you can book them into a call with one of the sales agents in your team, who will take over from there. This requires basic messaging on Linkedin and email and uploading leads to a calendar which shouldn't take more than 30 mins - 1 hour per day. To be able to really drive the business forward you should look to get your own personal salesperson who would pro-actively, in addition to this, search for new leads for you, following the methodology we give. We provide extensive training for your sales team members to be able to help them drive your sales-forward and as part of a team. In this instance you would also want to ensure you are monitoring the CRM of all of your prospects to ensure they are being followed up on in the right way, you also will want to set your own KPI's (which we can suggest for you) to ensure the sales agent is hitting achievable targets and driving growth. They will be welcome to join our internal sales team meetings also to have, again a part managed sales team for you.
  • Sounds to good to be true?
    Yes, you are right, there is no such thing as a free lunch! And this is why we charge for ours. It is also true to say that nothing comes without work and the truth of any and every business is that the more you put in the more you get out. The difference lies in the fact where you put your efforts and whether or not you do the work yourself. First of all, you need a business model. A business model that is proven to work. This is simple a system for success, where if you replicate it again, you have the likelihood to achieve the same, or similar results. Those systems may be automated, part automated, or completely manual. What we look to achieve, is making everything that can be automated - automated, and the work that needs to be done, simplified and replicable. Whether it is for you, or for a client, there is one simple fact that remains, it requires creativity, enthusiasm, and inspiration to drive anything to success. The people involved that are creative and enthusiastic, following a system for success, naturally, achieve more. If you are looking to work with us as a Franchise partner the same applies, and the reality is that you want to be sure you are 'on top' of the things, to drive sales and build client relationships. We help you achieve that by giving you a proven methodology, and yet their will still be a need for you to follow up and ensure those prospects are nurtured in the right way to bring them through to sale.
  • Is the business automated?
    Everything that can be auotmation is, but there is some aspects that are not because they can't be. That includes replying to customer enquiries and answering their questions. If you really want to drive the business forward and grow you will also put more time into following the methods we teach you to get more customers. They are proven and they work and require time and effort from you to make them work.
  • Am I guaranteed to make money?
    No, and the reason is, that you have to follow the steps we teach you, to make it work, so if you do not follow those steps, and consistently, then you will not make money. If I said you could do nothing, and be guaranteed to make money, I would hope, to insult your intelligence. Essentially your success, is your own. We give you tools, training, but it is you, that will drive the success. We are not interested in working with the dreamers, and hopers, that think that money comes for nothing, and no work is needed to achieve results. We don't want to work with these people, because the reality is, they won't do the work, and so wont get the results. So if that's you, we can part as friends now, and we wish you the best of luck in your business search.



Discuss any of:

  • Strategy and execution

  • Marketing and sales

  • Channel growth

  • Investment

  • Franchising

  • Leadership growth

  • Mentoring and consultancy

  • Work-life balance

  • etc

£2500 + vat



Most popular


Create any or all:

  • Strategy

  • Business plan

  • Target operating model

  • Playbook / SOPs

  • Go to market planning

  • Sales CRM

  • Process development 

  • Sales and marketing

  • Outreach programs

  • etc

£5000 + vat

per month



Includes all of Advice and Create.
Execution of the business plan and strategy. 
Implementation into the relevant teams.
Team building and accountability.
Delegation of responsibility and reporting.
Timelines and trigger points for growth.


£10,000 + vat

per month

What happens next

1. Interview 


2. Screening 


3. Paperwork 


4. Investors reach out 


5. Pitches to investors


6. Negotiation 


7. Funds

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