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Everything you need to know

Hybrid Cold Email Marketing

Your step by step guide to getting set up

1. Getting started

Onboarding call

Workshop 1 - Infrastructure set up

  • Create an account here: Email software

    • Update settings

    • Add to warm up

  • Create an account here: Email provider

    • Set up domains and emails

    • Add tracking

    • Add forwarding

    • Add DNS records

  • Collate a blacklist (typically a list of emails of current customers and competitors)

    • Add to your software

Workshop 2 - Content and sequence building

  • We create and share you a template content strategy

  • Methodology for content

  • Build your sequence

  • Update time settings

  • Update domain settings

Workshop 3 - Data scraping and adding to campaigns

  • Create an account here: Data list selector

    • Create a search URL

    • Order data

    • Verify data

  • Adding data

    • Adding custom fields

    • Adding tags

    • Adding data to campaigns

  • Inbox tutorial

  • Go Live

Workshop 4 - 6 - Data analytics and optimisation

We then provide 3 months of support and 3 more 1 hour workshops across those 3 months, looking at:

  • Refining content strategy

  • Refining data sets

  • Conversion rate optimisation from lead to appointment

  • Conversion rate optimisation from appointment to sale

  • Landing page optimisation

Strategy and implementation

2. We get to work

  • Research your market

  • Research competitors

  • Create a template email

3. Going Live

3. Sign off and Launch

  1. Infrastructure set up

  2. Content and sequence build

  3. Data scraping and adding

  4. Go live


Full visibility
Working to get things done


4 days


10 days

Launch & Optimisation

04. Please choose your preference

Payment options

You're in control
By clicking the link you will simply be authorizing Success with Systems to bill you the agree amount for your campaign monthly
05. Serious about service


Full visibility and transparency
> You will be given access to our own CRM where all leads and stats are recorded here
> You will be invited by email
> Project management is done on where you can track your project progress

> You will be invited by email.

? FAQs

How much data do I need?

  • Go big or go home. The real key to successful cold email marketing is quantity. Even with the worlds best content strategy, numbers will still be key.

  • 10,000 is the minimum number of prospects to reach out to per month. Ideally alot more, we would suggest minimum 20,000

How much data do I get from a search?

  • The number in the search is the number of scraped but you will only want to use those that are verified

  • You will see in the data sheet we provide you which are verified by our software and which are not

  • You will only use the verified list

  • If you have given us a URL of data for example 10,000 you might get 8000 back as verified

Do I page for unverified data?

  • Yes the payment is per scrape, regardless of if they are verified or not

Do you verify catch all data?

  • Yes we are one of the only providers that provide catch all verified data which is far higher quality

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