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Everything you need to know

Managed Cold Email Marketing

Your step by step guide to getting set up

1. Getting started

Onboarding call

Information gathering

  • Identify your best target audience

  • Identify the primary pain point

  • Your USP and offering

  • Case studies

What we need from you:

  • Collate a blacklist (typically a list of emails of current customers and competitors)

  • Create your ideal audience and search URL

Once you have collated this information, please go ahead and provide it here:

Strategy and implementation

2. We get to work

Strategy and implementation

  • Research your market

  • Research competitors

  • Identify core pain points and USPs

  • Define industry specific content unique to your audience

Content and data

  • We will build your content strategy and send to you for edits

  • We will collate data based on your ideal target audience and send to you to sign off

Infrastructure set up

  • Set up Email software and

    Update settings

  • Set up domains and emails

  • Add emails to warm up software

  • Build sequence with correct settings

3. Going Live

3. Sign off and Launch

  1. Sign off on content strategy

  2. Sign off on data

  3. DNC sign off

  4. Launch


Full visibility
Working to get things done


4 days


10 days

Launch & Optimisation

04. Please choose your preference

Payment options

You're in control
By clicking the link you will simply be authorizing Success with Systems to bill you the agree amount for your campaign monthly
05. Serious about service


Full visibility and transparency
> You will be given access to our own CRM where all leads and stats are recorded here
> You will be invited by email
> Project management is done on where you can track your project progress

> You will be invited by email.

? FAQs

How many emails do I send in a campaign?

  • Typically 2 is the most optimum unless we have clearly defined this prior in the research phase

How many prospects will be added to the campaign?

  • This will be determined at point of sale, we do it in in batches of 10,000

What does it mean to "warm up" the emails?

  • When doing cold email marketing we register new domains and set up new emails. We do this to protect your domain name from being blacklisted.

  • When we create new domains and emails, some spam filters will identify new domains and inactive emails. In order to by pass these we have to send emails from these accounts for minimum 2 weeks before they will stop going to spam.

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