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Everything you need to know

Managed LinkedIn Outreach

Your step by step guide to getting set up

1. Getting started

Onboarding call

Information gathering

  • Identify your best target audience

  • Identify the primary pain point

  • Your USP and offering

  • Case studies

What you need to do:

  • Link to profile and LinkedIn company page

  • Sign up to LinkedIn Sales Navigator (or Recruiter)

  • Add yourself to LinkedIn groups where your potential customer are connected

  • Sign up to our software

  • Login to LinkedIn on the software

  • DNC list: a list of emails and LinkedIn profiles you do not want contacted

    • this might be current customers or competitors

  • Choose your main product or service you want to promote, ideally to a defined niche

  • Identify your ideal target audience

Once you have collated this information, please go ahead and provide it here:

Strategy and implementation

2. We get to work

Strategy and implementation

  • Market research

  • Competitor research

  • Defining core pain points and USPs

Content and data

  • We will provide a content strategy for you to edit and sign off

  • We will scrape and send to you for sign off

Infrastructure set up

  • Create a new email and add it to the software

  • We will configure settings and add your DNC list

  • Sequence creation on the software for:

    • New connections,

    • Current contacts

    • Groups

3. Going Live

3. Sign off and Launch

  1. Content strategy sign off

  2. Audience sign off

  3. DNC sign off

  4. Launch


Full visibility
Working to get things done


4 days


10 days

Launch & Optimisation

04. Please choose your preference

Payment options

You're in control
By clicking the link you will simply be authorizing Success with Systems to bill you the agree amount for your campaign monthly
05. Serious about service


Full visibility and transparency
> You will be given access to our own CRM where all leads and stats are recorded here
> You will be invited by email
> Project management is done on where you can track your project progress

> You will be invited by email.

? FAQs

How many LinkedIn connections can I send per month?

  • Up to 1000 per month. LinkedIn say you can only send 400 a month, but in reality it is not the case. They seem to have an unpublished algorithm that allows some users to do more, up to 1000.

What is a group campaign?

  • A group campaign is where you are connected to a group on LinkedIn where your potential audience is connected. We can then reach out to 1000 group members within LinkedIn's limitations without needing to send a connection request. This then doubles our audience when done along side the new connections campaign.

What is an event campaign?

  • If you are running an event or joining an event, you can message all attendees. This can be a great way to reach a target audience.

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