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How to follow up on leads

When a prospect has responded to an outbound message on LinkedIn, the biggest mistake we see clients make is trying to get an appointment too quickly. This can quickly kill the conversation.

Here we follow a very simple sales methodology called mirroring.

We will respond with the same amount of text as the prospect and we will simply continue to ask more questions until the prospect has written at least 3 lines of text back or more, or specifically asked for an appointment.

Here is some examples:

​100% can help with that. I can see from your website <(or profile)>, am I right in saying <xyz>?

Yes, lots of people say the same, out of interest if you don't mind me asking <question>?

"Out of interest, if you don't mind me asking" is a great way to ask another question, as it is completely non-invasive and incredibly polite.

Keep asking relevant questions that pull information from the client.

If after several you still, haven't had any long reply, mention a statistic or case study to draw more interest and close with "Happy to show you how we did it" not asking for the appointment directly and letting them come back to ask for one.

If they reply with more than 3 lines of text use this to close for an appointment - if not keep asking industry relevant questions until they do.

The questions build trust and only when they have trust, will they give you a detailed response and be ready for an appointment.

All good, you're not alone! Lots of people say the same!

It would be good to dive in a little deeper about <xyz offer specific>

Might be easier on a quick 10 min Zoom, I've got space Tuesday 11 am or Wednesday 2pm, if that works?

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