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LinkedIn Ads: Why They Fail and How to Avoid Mistakes

LinkedIn has 810 million users in 200 countries today. Last December 2021, the site had signed in 33 million users in the United Kingdom alone. As such, it comes as no surprise that numerous individuals interact with other professionals on the network.

With that being said, it is not unexpected that LinkedIn is a popular medium for businesses to promote themselves to their customers. However, as advertisements grew in popularity on this platform, many online users have grown concerned about the failure of their LinkedIn ads.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn advertising, like other digital ads, will fail if not correctly executed. Today, let us look at why LinkedIn adverts don't help you avoid this fate.

Understanding LinkedIn as an Advertising Platform

LinkedIn is exclusively available to professionals. On Facebook, you will largely interact with other professionals rather than family and friends. LinkedIn enables businesses to target users based on a range of professional characteristics that tackle who works where, their academic goals, their educational backgrounds, their ideal work positions, employment qualifications and skills, and more.

LinkedIn is skilled at gathering information from user profiles and categorising it into anonymous, relevant groups for advertising purposes.

6 LinkedIn Ad Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn is the most popular business-to-business network. Ideal for B2C marketing as well. Several reasons contribute to LinkedIn advertisement failure rates, including:

1. The Wrong Targeting

Your advertising ideas, wording, and offers are meaningless. Your adverts will fail if they are not properly targeted. LinkedIn targeting is difficult.

First, pinpoint your audience's geographic location. You can select a city, metropolitan area, state, or country. This will help you create your target audience accurately.

Don't aim too high. Do not start with a small audience. LinkedIn recommends targeting over 50,000 people for sponsored content and text advertisements, and 15,000 people for messaging ads.

After that, run A/B audience testing. In order to determine the most efficient targeting combinations. Create a campaign and an audience segment, then repeat the process and fine-tune the targeting.

You will acquire campaign demographics information over time to assist you in optimising your adverts.

2. The Ineffective Marketing Copy

Even if your ad wording is excellent, LinkedIn advertising fails due to insufficient targeting. Remember, LinkedIn users are constantly looking for useful information. As such, your ad copy should be interesting without being too promotional.

3. The Lack of Originality

Images can either make or break a LinkedIn advertisement. You must upload high-quality images that are correctly sized and formatted.

Another typical mistake is using incorrect colours in LinkedIn adverts. LinkedIn's colours are blue and white. Colours such as orange, yellow, purple, and green are recommended but don't overdo it, as this can put off users.

4. The Single Ad Campaign

Many marketers inappropriately run only one creative ad for every campaign. Be daring, and use at least four ads. Each should have distinct high-quality designs and images.

You can then adjust the advertisements after you have enough data on their performance. Only then will you have a viable, efficient advertising strategy that allows you to reach customers in four different methods.

5. The Lack of Funding

LinkedIn has a minimum daily expenditure of $10 per campaign, which is significantly higher than Facebook and Google. If your organisation is unable to meet this bare minimum, consider other possibilities.

If your adverts are well-executed and you invest enough money, you can expect leads that are not available elsewhere.

6. The Mishandling of Ads

The LinkedIn auction process promotes interesting advertising. Regularly review your results. If Campaign Manager data are not monitored, ads may fail.

A/B testing and LinkedIn data also help improve the efficacy of advertisements and optimise your marketing strategy. Try out different adverts to see which ones work best. After that, prioritise superior performers and discard inferior ones.


Because LinkedIn is effective and innovative, you must also run efficient advertisements on this platform. As such, make the most of what you have and do your research well while avoiding the common mistakes of failed LinkedIn ads. This way, you make a great investment and see a high return in no time.

Are you interested in professional LinkedIn campaign management? Success with Systems is here to help you manage your advertisements and marketing across social media platforms. Work with us today!

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