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What happens next when I join as a License partner?

The signup process to becoming a license partner is very simple:

  1. Accepting quote and invoicing

  2. Accounts set up: Gmail, CRM, Intranet, Zoom, Slack

  3. Onboarding training - 2 hours

  4. Sales training - 2 hours

  5. Linkedin campaign set up

Ongoing support is then continuous as much, and as often, as you need. We use Slack as our internal communication channel, which is all day Monday to Friday. You can ask questions about any part of the process, and interact and collaborate with the team to ask for ideas and support.

To accept your quote you will need to simply complete this form found here. As soon as that is completed you will be redirected to invoicing, which will also be sent to you via email.

Invoices are due on the same or agreed day, and as an added bonus, we offer a 5% cash back for every invoice that is completed prior to the due date.

Soon as this is received, we will go ahead and start creating all of your company accounts, including:

  • Company email on GSuite

  • Company CRM account

  • Company Zoom account

  • Company calendar account

  • Company intranet account

  • Slack channel

You will also be sent a link to schedule your first and second, 2 hour, 1-2-1 onboarding and sales training. It's thorough, so choose times where you can have your thinking cap on!

And when you have completed both of these we will go ahead and set up your Linkedin campaign. In order to complete this, you will be sent a spreadsheet that needs to be completed, it asks for details about out of the connections you have on your list, who is good to contact, not good to contact, preferred industry to target, and account information.

Once you are live with your campaign, we strongly suggest you follow all the steps in the training and block out a time every day to complete all the activity tasks. This will be explained in more detail on the training.

You then will be able to ask for continuous support via slack all day Monday to Friday.

The process is very structured with all the support and helps you will need throughout. We also have a fantastic team of people that are always happy to help and collaborate and we find that even the license partners will join efforts and work together to support one another in our mutual goal of success.

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