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What is the best CRM for me?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

There are literally thousands of CRM's on the market and all have pros and con's to them. One thing I often get asked by clients in which to go for and the answer always has to be dependant on a number of factors, first of which is what's your budget?

If you have the budget, it is my opinion that Hubspot is the market leader for sales functionality. It's what most would call the "Rolls Royce" of CRM's. Why is that I hear you ask?

Well, the issue with many that are small and still getting started or just not as developed yet will be less refined and have fewer features. But, you pay for this privilege as they are expensive as soon as you start upgrading.

One of the most critical features needed for a CRM is Sequencing.

Sequencing is where you can automate a series of tasks/calls and emails in a pre-set sequence. When a prospect is added to this sequence they will then get put on a timeline of events that you have set up. For example, when you get a new inquiry you might have an auto email being sent to them saying thank you for your email, then a task for the salesperson to call them, then if they don't answer an auto email being sent, and then the next tasks to call them the next day and so on.

It is this functionality that makes the biggest impact when trying to increase conversion rates and improve the productivity of your sales team.

Now to get this with Hubspot you need their Sales Professional Sales package which I believe is about £400 a month as you need a minimum of 10 licenses signed up at once. So for a lot of SME's this prices them out.

Hubspot has then a number of features that are already integrated such as, calendar link, quoting, and eSignature which all could cost a further monthly subscription if with another platform that does not have these features.

If you are on a smaller budget then the next best is in my opinion. The reason being is that their middle package at just $30 per user per month typically gives you the functionality you need to have a very functional and effective sales team. It has a dynamic sales sequencing tool, integrates into Teams and GMail, and also is a very ergonomic design. The task management tool is also a dream to use and very nice for the sales team.

There also features on Salesmate that are not on Hubspot automatically, such as the ability to send SMS as part of a sequence for an SME market, and the B2C market might be more effective.

There are many many more on the market and I have worked on most of not all the big players but in my experience non of them come close to Salesmate as part of an all-around tool that does what you need it to do.

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