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Why to answer the salesman..

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Do you get frustrated with that sales guy that no matter how much you ignore him, no matter how many times you do not reply to an email or answer the phone he just keeps on calling? Well, there is one simple solution - update him or her!

man looking at his phone

The only thing more annoying to a person having a salesperson constantly ring, is a salesperson call someone constantly that does not answer. This is what the salesperson thinks:

  • You're on holiday

  • You're on annual leave

  • You're on paternity leave

  • You're still interested but to busy

  • You're wanting to talk but its low on the list of priorities

Or any variation of the above.

Now if you are, or you are not, on holiday, or just had a baby, or maybe just fallen sick, and you are, or you are not, interested...tell them! We, and myself included, can be very "British" about this, which is... politely ignore.

I think this is old-fashioned nowadays, and in fact, we all benefit from good old communication. We live in a world of online media, reviews, and posts. Nowadays salespeople don't pester if you say no, why not? Because you simply cant, you will unsubscribe, or get on a DNC list. For this very reason, you may as well tell them whether or not you are not interested, then have them keep them calling for no good reason.

So next time you're getting frustrated with all those calls, just think, that poor salesperson is getting even more frustrated, and even more annoyed, and might even be worried about you. Be kind, do the nice thing, let them know either way.

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