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What Are the 10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid?

The digital age has opened up seemingly endless opportunities for new and experienced marketers. The rise of the internet allowed them to reach a broader audience without leaving their offices.

You can grow your business by considering email marketing. However, emailing your target audience can backfire if you don't do it correctly. For this reason, you should work with a professional email marketing agency.

If you want a successful marketing strategy, here are some email marketing mistakes all advertisers must avoid.

1. Not Using Message Previews

Being a successful marketer means immediately hooking your audience’s attention with a compelling preview. This crucial part of most email programs summarises the email’s content and will let the reader know if they’ll find it interesting.

Whether you’re enlisting the help of a professional email marketing agency or writing the message, you must ensure that the first line of the email is attention-grabbing. Otherwise, no one will read it, even if the following content is well-written.

2. Composing Poorly-Written Subject Lines

Many readers scan email subject lines for seconds before deleting them because hyped-up subjects and exaggerated promises of impossible results usually scream spam.

You can convince readers to open your emails by crafting valuable and concise subject lines. You should also ensure that it focuses on the subject and sounds professional. Moreover, personalise it to your target audience and avoid all caps.

3. Having a Shady Tone

A company can damage its reputation when it sends exaggerated or misleading emails. You can uphold your positive image by keeping your emails professional and polite and giving readers a privacy notice explaining how to unsubscribe.

4. Not Letting Readers Respond

Readers can communicate with organisations and ask questions using an email address instead of "Do Not Reply." For instance, a "Contact Us" link can lead prospects to a landing page where they can request more information and provide additional details. That way, you can create more personable interactions.

5. Using Graphics and Stock Photos Excessively

Creating and launching an effective email campaign requires more than working with a professional email marketing agency and using eye-catching visuals. You should also know how to use graphics and relevant images moderately.

Marketers must not emphasise too much on graphics because it can make the readers lose interest and make the message look irrelevant.

6. Ignoring Mobile Users

Almost everybody you meet uses a cellphone to manage their daily tasks, mainly when we rely heavily on the internet and are always on the go.

Not optimising your email marketing strategies for mobile users is one of the worst company mistakes. You can avoid quality and loading issues by testing emails on various devices.

7. Not Tracking Campaigns

Marketers and email marketing agencies can increase a company's conversion rates using Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) software's email tracking tools. They will help you evaluate your campaign's effectiveness, target likely customers, and intrigue them with special offers.

8. Falling Out of Touch

Marketers must avoid letting too much time pass between correspondence with site visitors and honour their wishes for update frequency. You can prevent communication gaps by setting up automated emails to send regularly.

9. Not Pruning the Branches

You must evaluate their marketing efforts quarterly and delete customer contacts who don’t convert. You can get higher returns on your email campaigns by focusing on engaged customers.

10. Not Adding a Call to Action

Marketers must create a call-to-action (CTA) that focuses on the customer’s needs and solutions, not on hyperbolic claims about the product.


Committing these email marketing mistakes can lead to wasted resources and irreversible reputation damage. You can spare yourself from trouble by following the best practices and working with a professional email marketing agency.

If your company needs a professional email marketing agency in London, work with Success with Systems! Our end-to-end service is committed to helping organisations gain more leads with compelling emails. Contact us now!

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