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How to check your deliverability

We use 2 really great tools to make sure emails are performing and working as they need to be.

In order to get high deliverability, you will need to ensure a few things are set up on your domain. These are essential, and yet so many companies, even large national and multinational ones don't have it set up.

Step 1

First things first - let's check your current situation.

Head over to: and send an email to the email displayed. Then click on check score.

You will see a nice boat moving along and then it will show you a score.

It will also show you any black lists you are on, but don't panic if you are on any, you just register and request removal - pretty simple.

Now if you had a low score you might have some settings wrong.

Step 2

This will tell you what's what with your tech setup.

You can ignore the BIMI one, it doesn't mean anything.

It will also show in amber for DMARC but that will be because its not linked to their company so just click on it and you'll it in green if it is set up correctly.

It also has a nice DKIM generator which you can use.

Now if all this sounds like gobbledygook you not on your own don't worry! In the next article, we will show you how to navigate through each and them up!

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