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Hybrid vs Managed?

Updated: Mar 25

If you are trying to decide whether getting a Hybrid package or a Managed package is better for you then have a little read below, for the pros and cons of each, to help you make an informed decision.

What is Hybrid and what's included?

Hybrid is a package designed to help businesses scale without having the heavy costs of a monthly or annual subscription of a managed service. In the Hybrid package, you will benefit from having the experts set up your marketing funnel with you, and have your internal team upskilled to create, monitor, and optimize your campaign monthly.

What's included:

  • Technical set-up -this can include any or all of the following: emails, domains, accounts, DNS settings, TXT files, proxies, VPS, pixels, AdWords, VOIP systems, and analytics.

  • Software set up - marketing software, social media software, email software, CRM software, website software, SEO software, content software, graphic software.

  • Content strategy - creating a series of social messages, emails, scripts, objection handles, FAQs, training documents, videos, and articles.

  • Implementation - Connecting the technical setup to the software and implementing the content.

  • Training - this includes up to 6x 1-2-1 training/group training online, training materials, and 3x months of ongoing support. We will teach you exactly how we set up a system from a technical, software, and content perspective, and then teach you how to monitor and optimize it. We are then there to help as and when you need it if you require support for 3 months.


  • Much cheaper over the long run

  • Ability to duplicate and run simultaneous campaigns to maximize results

  • Upskilling your team can also increase motivation and retention

  • Full visibility and control

  • Transferable knowledge and skills

  • Once set up is complete, the bulk of the work is completed


  • Requires more time, capacity and resource

  • Monthly optimization is done in-house (by the client) and requires more time and resource

  • Monthly optimisation includes:

    • LinkedIn: Collating and adding data to campaigns when data runs out, adding new campaigns when needed

    • Email: Collating and adding data to campaigns when data runs out, adding new campaigns when needed

    • Paid Ads: Managing budgets, campaign groups, audience optimisation, ROAS optimisation, creatives, content optimisation

    • SEO: Keyword research, competitor analysis, content creation and optimisation, link building

    • SMM: Trend research, competitor analysis, client engagement, content curation, posting

What is a Managed service and what do I get?

Everything that is included in the Hybrid will be done for you and optimized on a weekly or monthly basis to improve results and increase conversion rates.

You get detailed analytics into what's working, and the benefit of an experienced team, that can help support you, as you develop your campaign, with creative insight and ideas.

What's included:

  • Everything in Hybrid - including technical setup, software setup, content strategy, and implementation.

  • Detailed monthly reporting and analytics - including open rates, click-through rates, response and reply rates, connection rates, traffic, leads, and appointments.

  • Creative ideas and suggestions - something happens better in teams and the more creative people in that team the more ideas and innovation will happen. When you come on board, you get to tap into a team of creatives, who will come up with new ideas continuously.

  • Dedicated account manager - they will be on hand to help you as and when you need them, we have wonderful feedback from our customer service and we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

  • Continuous support - if you have any challenges, ideas, or things to discuss you will have the support of an experienced team to help you.


  • A done for you service which is less time consuming

  • Very little capacity required internally

  • Ongoing optimization and monitoring

  • Reporting monthly

  • Dedicated account management for on-demand support


  • Costs more monthly

  • The team aren't upskilled and so dependant on the agency

The good news is there is no right or wrong and we work with both large and small organizations in both ways, with great effectiveness. It will be a choice to make based on your current goals and challenges, and what makes the most sense for you as an organization at this moment.

If you need any help in deciding, or would like to talk through the best solution for you, just book a time in the calendar and we will be happy to help: Lets talk :)

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