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Learn to train not to drain

Yes, I am aware of the lame title, but it serves a purpose. Training can be either exciting, fun, motivating, and confidence-building, or you will see those you are training drained, tired, exhausted, or even demotivated, confused, and leave shattered..does that resonate with anyone?!

So what makes the difference between those that train well and those that drain?

Having a plan

Plan someone's training so they know what to expect. Set clear defined goals for the person's development with a test at the end. The test needs to be preempted as a cultivation of learning, as opposed to a test of competence.

Break it down and be realistic

If you are learning something new, how much can you absorb in one day, or one hour, or one week? There will be a limitation. Trying to force more will only work with a backward effect, in that they will have learned less by the end of it. You are better off giving simple and concise challenges, focused on a single topic, than expecting them to deliver everything at once.

Build confidence through a build - break - build model.

What I liked about that was XYZ. I would just improve X. And well done for XYZ. If you do nothing other than point out the negatives, you will demoralize them, and they will feel they can not achieve, end up underperforming, or leave.

Give people time

Don't rush them to get results and don't make them feel under pressure to perform, or that they might lose their job. You will promote a culture of cutting corners, saying the wrong thing to get a sale, and being pushy. Ask yourself, what kind of brand image do you want to have?

Make a competition

Starting 2 or more people at the same time, who are at the same, or similar level of competence, can be enormously powerful. Just be sure they are similar in level and give the same level of help and resources to each.

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