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Sales and automation

Sales are not just about having the "gift of the gab", it is about making the sales system as efficient and highly converting as possible. SO how do you do this? Well, luckily the process remains the same for every industry and every type of sale:

  • High converting email templates

  • High converting opening script

  • High converting pitch

  • High converting rebuttals

  • High converting closing script

  • High converting and quick proposal system

  • Automated Sales CRM System that incorporates all of the above

  • Well trained sales team with an incisive commission structures

  • Highly motivated work environment and work culture

So when assessing any business, this will be the simple list that one will need to work through to improve a sales process or to set up a new one. Within each one of these bullet points, however, you will, of course, have far more granular detail that requires a certain amount of expertise and industry and product experience.

You will want to ensure you have all of the core structures in place first, then develop and optimize them through rial and testing. Within a 3 - 6 months with continual work and development, you will start to reap the rewards of your efforts.

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