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Where can I get good data?

I can not tell you the number of times I have heard this and the number of horror stories of people who have bought cheap, rubbish data and faced the consequences.

There is now only one reliable source of data and that is....drum roll, please...LinkedIn.

Every tool on the market now offering up-to-date data from scraping data online will primarily (if not only) get it from LinkedIn.

Some tools will be saying they are checking websites, and other known sources, however, this is all to fluff up what is actually a basic LinkedIn search.

So if they all use the same what is the difference. Well some are better at getting numbers and this might come from different sources, and the other is price.

If you want just to get an email however then you just want to pay as little as possible in the easiest possible way.

Some of the things you want from your tool will include:

  • Email extractor. This will be using the tool to extract from LinkedIn and websites.

  • Email search. A search feature to type any name and domain and it come back with a email that works.

  • Email validator. There is no point in having a bunch of emails that don't work, validators are important to know that they work, or else you will end up on lots of spam filters.

  • Phone numbers. Nice to have but not necessary. Can be good to get phone numbers but often expensive and limited as you will normally get website landlines.

  • Automation. Ideally, you can use your software to set up all your sequences, use your emails, manage your data and send out campaigns.

Here are some options of the best in the market:

We've not included every single one in the market as some are ridiculous in price over £1 per record and others lack features that you would need to use it effectively.

Here is a little comparison below of the best of each:







Email validator















Starting cost

$39 for 1000 leads monthly

Pay as you go $0.15 per record

Free for up to 250 records

Free for up to 150 records


$79 for 5000 leads

$50 for 300 leads

​$99 for Unlimited

​$49 for 10,000 leads but limited to 25 per search


Easy to use, includes everything and fair price

Good data extraction feature, validates emails and only pay for valid emails and pay as you go option.

Incredible price for unlimited data with unlimited CRM features. Best price.

Advanced CRM tools and features, good quality data and all in one platform.


Can't add calling into sequence workflows

Number email CRM

Limited to 1000 record scrape per 1 hour.

Says unlimited but is in fact Limited to 10,000 records

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