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How is a LinkedIn campaign set up and what does it look like?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

When we do LinkedIn marketing for our clients we set up up to 3 campaigns per account. This is because we want to try and reach the largest possible audience whilst working within LinkedIn's restrictions. Up until recently, you were able to connect with up to 2000 new connections per month, this then changed earlier this year to just 100 a week, a big impact to anyone using Linkedin for marketing.

We found a solution.

Although Linkedin may only allow 100 new invites a month, they allow you to send more messages a month to group members, where you are connected to a group already. You can also send messages to your current network, which is often underutilized.

This is how we set up a messaging sequence:

  • 400 new invites monthly with up to 4 messages in a sequence

  • Up to 4 messages to group members

  • Up to 4 messages sent to current connections

We provide both managed and hybrid services and if we are helping you with a Hybrid service this is what your system will look like:

New connections - example setup

Step 1 - Data

Adding your data. The system can scrape a new list or a list made in the Linkedin navigator. This can be targeted based on the filters available on Linkedin. This includes the size of companies based on headcount, territories based on country, city, or postcode, seniority level of roles, specific job titles, and even previous experience and length of time in a company.

Step 2 - Send a connection request (max 400 a month)

Step 3 - Message 1 (once connected)

green speech bubble

Hi <first name>, I wanted to reach out with XYZ

It can be personalised with their name, company, role, and your name.

Step 4 - Wait 3 days (can be any amount of days)

Step 5 - Message 2

two green speech bubble

Hi <first name>, I wanted to see if you saw my message and XYZ

It can be personalised with their name, company, role, and your name.

Step 6 - Wait 3 days

Step 7 - Message 3

two speech bubble

Hi <first name>, Here's a little insight into XYZ

It can be personalised with their name, company, role, and your name.

Step 8 - Wait 3 days

Step 9 - Message 4

speech bubbles in green

Hi <first name>, Last attempt is it good time XYZ

It can be personalised with their name, company, role, and your name.


For group and current connections, it's the same, except you miss out on the sending a connection part.

Replies will come into your inbox and there is also a Zapier option if you want to connect to a third-party software or CRM.

We can also add engagements where you like profiles, endorse and follow people, all as part of a more strategic engagement setup - don't worry we would help do all that with you too!


In a managed service all of this will be run and optimised for you with monthly reporting, reviews, ideas for improvements, and dedicated monthly account management.

With the Hybrid option, we give you dedicated support, 4 hours of 1-2-1 training, and also provide you online training resources for everything you need. If you need more support we are there to help, we provide hourly consultancy if needed, or if it's a quick question here and there - don't you worry we will be happy to help.

It's important to us you learn everything you need in as much detail as you need, so you can become fully independent as soon as possible.

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