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What's the value in the Hybrid model?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

With our Hybrid model, we like to demonstrate to customers the savings they will make as part of this process. As they learn to be able to manage it in-house and scale with their team. The more people and more campaigns they set up the bigger and bigger the savings continue to be.

The LinkedIn Hybrid cost vs the Managed service cost.


What is the total savings?

Managed service for LinkedIn marketing

  • £1500 + vat per month per team member - 3 campaigns per team member (we always recommend 3 to reach a larger audience because of the new limitations on LinkedIn, 1 campaign is no longer suffice)

Hybrid service for LinkedIn marketing

  • £1349 + vat fixed one-time fee

Software requirements for Hybrid-only :

  • £840 per annum

Year 1 savings with Hybrid

1 account cost £18,000 + vat per annum on managed

  • Software costs: £840 + vat per annum

  • Cost of Hybrid: £1349 +vat

Total saving: £15811

Year 2 saving:

1 account cost £15000 + vat per annum on managed

  • Software costs: £840 + vat per annum

Total saving: £14,160

When you start to add more accounts, for other team members, this then starts to increase savings dramatically.

This means you can scale your campaigns as and when you need to, and grow the team, without the burden of significant additional monthly costs. You still, however, benefit from having experts have set up a system for you, provide a content strategy, and upskill your team to enable you to become self-sufficient. This is ideal for both small teams that have some capacity to self-manage and maintain and ideal for large growing teams that can continue to replicate these techniques for their team.

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